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Electric Dolphin FUll Body Massager Vibration Infrared Stick Roller Cervical Body Relaxation

By DreamsOffer

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Product Full Description | Ratings & Reviews

Product details of Electric Dolphin FUll Body Massager Back Massage Hammer Vibration Infrared Stick Roller Cervical Body Relaxation

  • 1. Eliminate fatigue caused by intense exercise and relax muscles.
  • 2. Eliminate the pain caused by poor circulation of blood and blood for many years.
  • 3. Eliminate shoulder spasms caused by sleeping pillows.
  • 4. Eliminate the pain caused by fatigue or rheumatism.
  • 5, massage head is convenient for all parts of the body massage.
  • 6, large area infrared heat therapy.
  • 7, burning fat, local weight loss.
  • Product efficacy:
  • 1. Eliminate fatigue and enhance immunity.
  • 2, enhance skin permeability, improve blood circulation, double the massage effect.
  • 3, promote sleep, improve neurasthenia and insomnia.
  • 4, adjust blood pressure, high blood lipids.
  • 5, to prevent cerebral thrombosis, dizziness, frequent nocturia, constipation and so on.
  • 6, Jiannao Tongluo, soothing nervous tension.
  • Product Name: Dolphin Massager
  • Product model: NBC-J401Z5
  • Product material: ABS, PP
  • Working time: 15min
  • Rated power: 50-60HZ
  • Rated power: 28W
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Wire: 160cm

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